Respecting the bad as well as the good…

Hello all…
Just lately I have been looking back at my life to see who I was, where I came from and where I’m going. I have not been the angel sometimes that people see me as today, but has any of us???
I can say that the lessons and experiences that I have been through have made me into the person that I am today. I can also say that the bullies that I have encountered during my life still seem to be there in one shape or form at any given time and these people who came into my life to taunt, tease, make me feel unhappy are blessings in disguise, now your saying ‘blessings?’ she’s going mad!! Well I’m not; I mean they were truly blessings. The people or issues that come to us and make us sad, unhappy, and miserable are the ones that make us stronger; these people and/or things make us the people who we are today. This brings me back to the start. If life and the people in it was so beautifully perfect, so easy then there would be no need to push our boundaries, no need for us to grow spiritually, we most likely would be lazy, bored, selfish, and maybe not the person we eventually want to be. So everyone that comes my way who treats me good or bad, I learn from them, yes I admit it hurts when they are not so nice but ultimately I have to say that looking back on the many ‘not so nice people’ that have come my way I have learned the most from them. These people have taught me to ‘treat others the way you expect others to treat you’ otherwise the offence you commit to another will surely come your way to knock on your door to give you a taste and that horrible medicine that you inflicted upon another soul, and its not nice medicine believe me!!
I know now that I have people in my life who respect me, love me unconditionally and understand that I’m not perfect I’m just me….
So respect to all the people who have tested my strength, patience and loyalty over the years and still are, for without you I wouldn’t be half the person I am today!

Going forward, I know what I want in life and respect who I was in my past and also the fact that I cant change that, and wouldn’t even if I could. I look towards the future with lots of hope, and most of all LOVE…

I’ll leave you with this quote I wrote for all the people that come and go in my life for whatever reason…

“I bless all those that Love me all that hate me and all the ridicule me, for I am a child of God and God is LOVE…

Until next time peeps…Much love

Mandy x

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1 Response to Respecting the bad as well as the good…

  1. suze says:

    Perfect, said it all…………. Much love and light to you. Suze x

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