A year of tests..looking forward to 2012

Ok its been a long time since my last blog, I hope this finds you safe and warm as the weather is set to get colder..

Well this year has been a year and half for me, I found myself reaching out for spirit in many ways, in more ways, in ways that I never thought that I would have to. I have had to conquer demons, fight battles, stay strong and gain strength from my inner self. This has been a testing year for me but for so many other people too.

2011 was about letting go, tying up loose ends, leaving the past behind and developing your own brand, the YOU BRAND. What I mean by that is making yourself available to new opportunities pushing your limits, putting yourself out there, not listening to the negative comments encouraging and embracing the new ones. I have learned a lot about people this year, how one minute they can be in your pocket and love you for what your worth, the next they can stab you in the back and forget who you actually are, I have learned that the people who weather the storm with you are usually your family and the ‘stayers’ in your life the people who will take you as you are, not who they want you to be or your status symbol.

As you all know I went through a divorce a messy one at that, but again with my inner strength, the love of my dear family and friends I have seen that through, albeit the bad feeling from other parties is still continuing I know that I will always maintain my self worth and by being true to myself will always make me win the war, as winning the battle never has appealed to me lol, I have always seen things through till the end and this is one that I will preserver with.

I have not yet met that special someone in my life, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want anyone it just means that the right person is there ready in the wings waiting for me, I’m in no rush but don’t want to wait forever lol…

There have been so many tests this year but now as we come to the end of the year I am so happy that I have learned that tests are lessons that improve our way of life, improve us as an individual and as we learn we can hopefully pass the lessons onto others.
This year has not been so good work wise as we were hit by a recession, I can say though that the readings I have done have been always from the heart and always helped and encouraged by spirit, and as always I am grateful. I also know the reason for the lack of work is that I have had to sort a lot of personal problems out to make way for the fantastic year ahead.

Next year I am hoping to continue my spiritual work and look forward to rolling out BRAND MANDY, which means that I am going to try to work as hard as ever to spread my work, spread the light and encourage others to do so as well. I also am going to look towards getting my books published (poetry, children’s and auto-biography) my writing keeps me sane in a mad world sometimes, and I have had a lot of good feedback as regards it.

I’m blessed every day for my family and having them in my life. I pray for my sister Sue and stay positive and hope with all my heart that her cancer leaves her as quick as it came.
I also have a wonderful mother who continues to amaze me with her happiness and strength, and my sister Tina who listens to me when I need to sound off and that has been a lot lol. My son shay is my life and every breath I take, and he knows it lol…the family I don’t see I hope that they will see reason and come to join the family again in the New Year as they are missed so much.
I am blessed with friends who are always there for me 2 in particular they know who they are, you two are fab mates and I’m so blessed that you came into my life again…

And once again spirit has introduced me to me again and showed me that I can do it even though others discourage and say I cant, that is a lesson to all I feel..

2012 is going to be a year you will remember for the new exciting you, you will become, it’s the year of enlightenment, the Golden Year!. Embrace it, embrace YOU and do whatever you feel that you need to do to attain BLISS, HAPPINESS and CONTENTMENT…

A very happy Christmas to you, think about what you want and go the hell and get it…
May your golden year be the making of a new YOU…

Until the next time…
Love you all…

Mandy x x x x

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