Heal and release…

Hiya Folks well this has started to become an interesting year!..
I am learning so many lessons all in one go but also why I am truly here and my role to others and to spirit.
And never no more enlightened by the saying people come into our lives for a reason a season or a lifetime. I am having people come and go like the generation game’s conveyor belt! I have been doing a lot of talking to people and getting to know them, helping them and then having to release them. To help and release people though is tiring and sad at the the same time!

I have been asking my guides just lately why people like this (not clients may I add) have been coming my way and why without financial gain ( after all we all have to live in the material world). I hear back that firstly I am being sent people because they have asked me to help them long before they or I came to this earth plane, they have asked my assistance and I have agreed, secondly that although I do live in the material world I should see beyond the ‘£’ sign to see the LOVE sign, they said that finances would improve with every contract fulfilled and that in time my greatest reward would be the ‘greatest gift of LOVE’ hey who am I to argue with that sort of information, mine is just to do or die!….I have meditated on the sadness I feel after they leave my energy and after I have helped them, and have been given ‘keep your feet on the ground whilst you heal’ again this is standard stuff that I tend to not forget but put aside on occasion. In other words its time to go back to basics!

Only today I helped someone who I felt had a good amount of baggage that had been stagnant within them for a long time, I found that they allowed themselves to create this box that they quite happily lived in for years, the effect of this was that they had encased themselves that much inside it that they lost their friends, social life, family to some extent but most of all they’d lost themselves! They thought nothing else but WORK they drank it, ate it, dreamt it! When asking them what has made them give everything up around them? Their answer was that they blamed the job for their ‘poor’ quality of life. Quickly I informed them that the only one to blame was THEMSELVES!! It was then that it dawned on them that that was exactly what they had done, the realisation of this was phenomenal I could actually see the light bulb above their heads switch on! A eureka moment or an enlightening then took place followed by a smile, their attitude changed and their life I’m sure from now on will change for the better, they will travel, see the world and re-invent themselves. Just because of a conversation.

Everyone in life has that ability to switch that light on for themselves and others, all they have to do is BELIEVE hard enough that we are the makers and masters of our own destiny, and of course that people and situations come into our lives for a reason season or a lifetime, and that is where I came in…

The power of spirit is a wonderful thing, bless the people in your life, and also bless them when they leave as their contract with you is up but their lessons will stay with you forever! and as always life goes on…

Until next time

Much love, Many blessings

Mandy xx

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