Lessons Learned….

Hiya all..
Well my lovelies…they say in life a change is as good as a rest but in some cases you just have to have a rest!…For a few days I have given my 2 favorite websites Facebook and twitter a few days off. The reason being for this is to allow myself to heal. My sister passed to spirit and I also lost a person in my life that meant the world to me too, so 2 people in the space of a few months were enough for me to take a break from everything and everyone. I had to get back to basics’, back to me, back to reality. I had to see the wood for the trees and realize a few things, lessons that had kept repeating themselves would have continued to do so until the big bulb on top of my head turned on and I had a eureka moment. I had to realize that I HAD to practice what I preached, start from square one and see what I was doing wrong to keep creating these reoccurring lessons. I couldn’t do this until I had cleansed myself, let go of my sister fully so as she could continue her work in the spirit world, and realize that the person I loved and lost wasn’t coming back. I preached all this stuff but had forgotten how to practice it until now. The longer we hold onto hurt, pain, misery, worry, someone or something that does not serve us the longer it stays around us smelling the place up so to speak. I had to get back to basics to realize that if I let go I would gain in so many ways. I would gain the power to be ME again, I would gain the understanding that caging a bird and not allowing it to fly is like having a dream all your life but never realizing it. I have followed a very well known poet, author and inspirational speaker named Kirk Nugent for a while now. I have listened and read what this man writes and my goodness how that has struck home to me in the last few days is incredible. He says ‘Pursue your Passion’ whatever it is in life you have to have a passion and a goal to aim for, because if you don’t then life is like opening an empty box of chocolates, just a disappointment! But before all this I HAD to heal myself from the hurt, yes even spiritual people hurt we are but of human form too…
When someone leaves your life be it by passing to spirit or by the ending of a relationship/friendship know this that you are left with the memories that they gave to you, regard this as a blessing and also know that with time the pain will be replaced by the laughter and love of the memories that they left and you will be able to look back with a smile as well as tears. Life is a fragile fickle gift that should not be took for granted, but embraced like a long lost friend and loved like a mother does her child. I have known love and are very blessed to have had this from the 2 people just lately I have lost, I thank the universe for that love and will hold their love in my heart for as long as I walk this planet and beyond that.
Kirk Nugent speaks of quietening the mind, shutting off the computer, TV, telephone and just ‘being’ and that I have done, I have gone back to basics, gone back to just ‘being ME’ and have learned that no matter how strong your hold is on someone or something you will never be able to keep them/it in your reality if their path has lead them away from yours. I can say though that the lessons that I have learned have profoundly touched my life, I have found Mandy again, I know that throughout my life I have learned to not be me, and have allowed others negativity and thought patterns to in turn make me tar others with the same brush, of which I am deeply saddened and sorry for, not everyone is the same, that’s what makes us unique, makes us stand out, makes us shine. We cannot therefore impose the failure of one on to another. To give someone a chance to ‘PROVE’ who they are, what they are about before getting the brush out and painting them!
I have learned gratitude, to be grateful of who and what is in my life at any given time, as when they have gone its way to late to cry over that particular spilt milk. I hear people moaning every day about their lives, partners, jobs, family and tend to think that IF just one of these things/people left their lives what next would they moan about?…the key is to wake up in the morning and take a minute to absorb the beauty around you, be that the bedsit you live in or the mansion, the abundance of people around you or the one person, the empty bank balance or the fullest one. Realize that life is the reality YOU create, YOU THINK THEREFORE YOU ARE!, you want a miserable life then create one, you want a rewarding one then again create one, YOU are the master of your own destiny! I heard it said that a deadly nightshade seed when planted grows just as much as a normal seed, its your choice which one you plant. I choose from now on to plant only the seeds that will flourish with positivity and allow ME to reap the rewards.
It’s good to take a break sometimes even though I have missed the interaction of the physical people I have found that I have also re-connected with my higher self again and found ‘ME’ again.
Remember people who are lost are not really lost, their love lives on within us forever and ever…
I thank God every day for my Family, Friends and people who I have loved and who have loved me….
And make no mistake that lessons that are learned are never repeated….

Until the next time folks

Love, live, and be grateful for what you have…
(Dedicated to Sue my darling sister)
Mandy x x

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